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What is soft enamel?

A die is cut to the image of your lapel pin design. We then stamp the image on a sheet of iron or copper. Next, molds for the die struck lapel pins are created and the lapel pins are cut to the outline of the design shape. This creates a three dimensional edge on the top of the pin and can be felt by running your fingers across the top of the pin.

The enamel color, which is a fancy name for paint is then applied to the pin. It fills in the edges created by the die. Next, we polish the edges created during the die process to a bright shine. If you prefer, we can add an epoxy coat over the top of the enamel coloring to give the pin a smooth and clean look. This also protects the pin as well

The die struck soft enamel process is arguably the most popular process for making lapel pins. About 60% of all lapel pins made are soft enamel lapel pins. They provide very good quality at an exceptional price

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